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Safety, fear

The weather forecast is showing rain/bad weather on the day of my scheduled jump, what can I do?

Well, First of all do not trust weather forecasts, it is mostly guessing 😉 We mostly decide if the weather is suitable for jumping or not in the morning of the day of your jump. Then if there is some change we will notify you ASAP. However if you insist you want to change your date, do let us know at least 24 hours in advance, after that we cannot change your booking.

Is it safe?

We use the most modern tandem gear. All of the equipment is serviced, maintained, packed and repacked by certified technicians and professionals. The secondary parachutes (reserves) are repacked and checked by the law given frequency. Statistically speaking you are more likely to be struck by lightning than having a skydiving accident. Our professional tandem pilots has more than 10.000 jumps each. We are on the market almost for 15 years already and every season we jump around 10.000-15.000 customers. The whole company history is without any fatality!

What if the parachute doesn’t open?

Every skydiving rig is equipped with both main and reserve parachute. Every rig! As a tandem skydiver, you are with a trained professional who knows how to handle a malfunction and deploy the reserve canopy if it’s necessary. We take your safety very seriously and we have never had a fatality. Also all our rigs are also equipped with a device called an Automatic Activation Device (AAD). This device constantly measures your speed and altitude during skydive and — if you are going too fast too low — will deploy a parachute automatically.

Can I breathe in freefall?

At 120mph, inhaling is really easy. If you find it difficult to exhale, panic and scream, which is just another way to exhale. Then inhale which, as mentioned, is very easy at that speed. In short, yes, you can breathe in freefall.

What if I’m afraid of heights?

The psychological block that the fear of heights (acrophobia) comes from does not trigger while looking down from a plane. The ground is so far away that it looks like looking at a map. At first it is hard to believe for anyone who did not try skydiving before, but believe us that after the landing you feel like going again, acrophobia or not.

Will I wear a helmet during the jump?

No, sorry. Due to the nature of the tandem jump skydiving, for safety reasons only your tandem pilot will wear a helmet, you wearing it in close proximity to him would mean a greater risk of injury for him, and he is the one that is landing and operating the parachute for you.

Before you book

What is the maximum weight for the jump?

Our weight limit is 110 kg, however there are some limitations, because we need to fit you to the skydiving gear. Your BMI therefore should not be higher than 35, you can use the calculator here to check yours: http://www.calculator.net/bmi-calculator.html

What is the minimum weight, can my children skydive with me?

Anyone under 18 years old must have their parents sign the application, also there is minimum requirements so your children can fit into our skydiving gear. It is at least 130 cm height, and 40 kgs of weight.

Please do not forget to inform us, how old us your child. Every children under 150 cm or have less than 36 kilograms have to be placed in special car seat by the law. If you will not let us know before, we can´t transport them.

Can I bring my friend/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/son/daughter with me just to watch?

Sadly, the seats in our cars are exclusively reserved for customers doing the tandem jump. There might be a few occasions where we may have some additional seats in the shuttles free, but that depends on each departure and whether or not the spots are full. In case you have one person wishing to just tag along and watch you jump, email us at praha@skyservice.cz, you might get lucky. The price for such trip is 20€ per person who is there just to watch (includes both ways, to the airport and back to the office). In case of urgent decision, you can try your luck and come all together at the office (meeting point). Our kind staff will do everything possible for you.

There is also a possibility to order a special car to follow our shuttle if you really want to take friends or family with you. The price for such service is 140€ for a small 4seat car or 170€ for an 8seat minibus. Please note that even if the jump gets cancelled on the spot, minutes before the actual jump, (which happens rarely) you would still have to pay for the special car which have taken you there. That is not the case of course if you travel with our shuttles, where you would not need to pay anything in case of cancellation and naturally would be refunded fully.

Please do not forget to inform us, how old us your child. Every children under 150 cm or have less than 36 kilograms have to be placed in special car seat by the law. If you will not let us know before, we can´t transport them.

Can I jump in a Superman costume? (Or any other crazy thing, you probably want to do for your stag party)

Send us a picture of what you would like to jump in, and we will review it if it is possible to jump in it without compromising the safety of the jump. In this case we will not take any responsibility for any damage caused on this costume, because you decide to do not use our skydiving gear.

What should I wear?

You can come along in whatever you want to come in. Sport wear is recommended.

You will get a jumpsuit from us anyway. The only thing you will definitely need is a good pair of shoes. Something that won’t fall of your feet, while exiting the plane. We very much doubt you’d find them again and the falling shoes could be a hazard for anyone jumping before you.

To prevent any lost, please leave all possible jewelry at home.

Should I eat beforehand?

That is very individual. Stick to your usual eating habits. Don’t overeat, but also don’t come starving from your 3 days “salad before skydiving diet.” Stick to your usual routine, but if you know that you throw up on a rollercoaster or a usual commercial flight, modify your meals accordingly.

What if the skydiving is canceled due to bad weather?

In this case of canceling our skydiving tour you will have always two options. Your reservation can be rescheduled for another day by your choice or you can be refunded free of charge. You will be refunded in the same way, how you paid the deposit. From credit card back to credit card…etc.

How old do I have to be?

You must be a minimum of 18 years old. If you are not, your legal guardian can sign the application for you.

How do i get to the dropzone?

We will take you there and back by air conditioned minibus for free from our Prague city center meeting point. The ride takes about one hour from the center, depending on traffic.

How long does the skydiving take?

For a tandem skydive we take you to 4200 meters. The freefall itself lasts about a minute, depending a lot on your weight, body surface area and number of other factors. After the parachute opens, you will be given a gorgeous view of Czech countryside for several minutes, until you land meters away from where you took off earlier.

How long does the plane ride take?

The plane (PAC750 XL) takes around 20 minutes to reach the altitude. You can mess around with the cameramen, observing the land and wait in anticipation. The tandem pilots are very outgoing professionals and are trained to help you ease up the tension if you experience any.

When can I jump?

That depends on several factors. First of all, skydiving is impossible during winter. The season usually starts some day in March and ends in mid-November, the weather being the biggest factor. Throughout the season we provide skydiving on daily basis. Depending on sunrise and sunset, the first departure is usually around 9 am. Another limitation is the number of people already booked for that day. To sum it up, the most up-to-date online information about free slots and departures are in the website’s booking section itself here.

How long does the whole thing take?

The trip starts at our office in Prague, where you have to be at least half an hour before the departure. Then it takes around an hour to get to the airport, depending on traffic. Once there, you will be escorted to our changing room where you’ll get suited up, equipped and instructed to make sure that safety is secured. After the jump you will land 20 meters away from the changing room. This whole process from instructing to departing back to Prague usually takes around 3 hours. Add one hour of driving back and you have a total of 5 hours. Please note that the time may change based on the traffic or weather, so it may vary from 4 to 6 hours.

Discount codes

If you have been provided with our discount code, please enter it directly in your booking form in this websites “book now” section.

We are open minded for giving you the best offers! Try to find out, what you would like to do for us such as, facebook post and sharing or some other form of propagation and write your idea on praha@skyservice.cz . We will reply you with our status :). Maybe your idea will be so mind breaking that you will be provided with mind breaking discount code 🙂

I need to catch my flight back home! Can you drop me on the international Airport?

In this case we are able to help you. If you have tight schedule and your flight back home is tight up with the end of skydiving tour, we are able on the way back drop you on the international airport.

We are able to manage that for a very small fee. Maybe free of charge 😉 Just ask us on praha@skyservice.cz or any communication channels. Our kind staff will advise you if it´s clever to risk it or not.

Videos and photos

Can I split one Video + Photo recording between more people?

Unfortunately, that is just not possible. There is a special cameraman assigned to each jumper who records the whole skydiving experience of exiting the plane, freefall and landing. It is not physically possible for the cameramen to record more people at once since even one second difference between the dives makes hundreds of meters. Second reason is the safe protocol.

Do I have to bring my own USB Flash Drive for the Videos and Photos?

No need. We will upload your files on our cloud storage where you will download your moments of bravery.

Can I have my jump recorded or photographed?

Yes. We do have professional cameramen waiting to catch your special moment for you.

How do you videotape or photograph a skydive?

A highly trained skydiver leaves the plane with you (a little before, actually) and follows you down. You will be recorded on the plane ride, throughout freefall and through canopy deployment. Your landing will also be recorded for posterity. So enjoy and smile!

Can i bring my own camera for the jump?

Unfortunately no. We need to follow safe protocols and only thing which you can have safely locked in your tandem jump suit pocket is a small key from your locker. Everything else, phones, cameras, go pro are forbidden.

Not even if I own a special camera like GoPro?

No, not even GoPro. We know it may seem like we just want to take more hard earned cash from you for the videos, but trust us when we say that anyone in the air without proper training and experience of handling the device is a great hazard. And we would not only be risking your own safety, but of everyone around you. You can ask anywhere in the world, and you will not find a dropzone that allows this on tandem jumps.

When I will get my Videos and Photos?

Because we are providing our customers by videos in Full HD resolution, it takes some time to edit those. Within 72 hours after your jump we will upload your files on our cloud storage (www.box.com), where you will download you moments of bravery. Link for your personal cloud folder is printed on you skydiving certificate. If your files wouldn´t be there in promised time, do not hesitate to contact us on www.skw.cz.

What is selfie camera?

Our selfie recording is made by handy camera located on your tandem pilot´s wrist. Thanks to it you can be offered by closer look on your “free fall face”. Next benefit are shots from the whole time on the parachute with magnificent views on the Czech countryside as well as you. All of the videos (from your cameraman + selfie shots) will be edited by our team to one video file.

I have problem with my files. Such as: somebody else pictures, missing my video, etc…

We are truly sorry about that! Please visit our editors website www.skw.cz. Over there please fill your data and subscribe your problem. Our editors will check that as soon as possible and will reply you with next steps. On www.skw.cz is also our online chat (bottom right button) where you can chat with our editors directly.

I need to download my files from China

For Chinese customers we will upload their files on www.box.cn. On this server located in China it should be ok to access your files. In case of emergency please contact our editors directly on www.skw.cz and they will help you to find your files.

I lost my certificate. I can´t download my files!

Do not worry. Write us on praha@skyservice.cz with your name, date and time of your departure. We safe your files for the whole season!

Other possible FAQ

What are those Gifts you are offering?

Because we love our clients, everyone that books a jump through this website, gets a free gift after their jumping in the value of 24€. If you want to check what they are exactly, check the special page here: Gifts

Are there lockers in the airport where we can put our stuff?

Yes, there are, in the changing room, when you get suited up for your jump. However it can only fit smaller bags. If you are bringing your bigger luggage with you, you can keep that in our office before you leave for the Dropzone. Our lockers are lockable and key is the only possible thing which you can handle in the plane. Your jumping suit is provided with special little pocket for the key.

How can I book the service and pay for it?

Once you fill in the form in the Book Now section and choose your time and date, you will be asked to pay a small deposit through a pay gate (GoPay). The deposit is 24€. The pay gate accepts almost every card and as well PayPal. Once that is done, your spot will be confirmed by an email with instructions what to take and when and where to show up. Without the deposit the booking is not created. (If you did not receive a confirmation email, check your SPAM folder. If there is still nothing, please drop us an email at praha@skyservice.cz).

If the payment did not go through the pay gate and the transaction was not successful, there is an option in the paying process to try it via PayPal. If there is still any problem, let us know by emailing us on the address above. As for the rest of the payment, we accept CZK and Euros in cash (1€=25CZK) or any valid card (except for American Express). You will be asked to do so after the jump, once you receive your certificate and T-shirt.

Do you have a female instructor?

Sadly, no female tandem pilots are currently employed here.

What if i have a license and want to come for a jump with you?

In that case you are welcome! Please contact our skydiving instructor at dropzone@skyservice.cz. Kindly include your license copy (scan), logbook and medical card stating you are fit for skydiving. Once we have that checked, there is no holding back and the skies await!

What if I wear prescription glasses?

Everyone has to wear special protective goggles. For people with glasses we have goggles big enough to cover the glasses too, so they actually get to see something. It is still recommended to wear contact lenses though as it is more comfortable.

Our Airport equipment

Our dropzone is located on our own private airport. We have toilets, wi-fi, and small snack bar where you can refresh yourself.

I forgot mobile phone/wallet/hat on the airport or in your car.

In this case try to contact us as soon as possible. On the airport as well in all the cars are directly after your visit other customers. We are trying to check if somebody forgot something but we are not all-knowing. Contact us on +420732333777 or praha@skyservice.cz